When Lightstock came to us with their idea for a fantastic new stock photography site, we were thrilled at the opportunity to help them bring their vision to life.

Discovery Phase

We start ambitious projects such as Lightstock with a discovery phase. The discovery phase allows the Forge and our Clients to develop a detailed project vision while testing the waters of a working relationship. In a few days with Lightstock we were able to develop a solid MVP plan and quickly learned that the chemistry between our teams was fantastic. Our work with Lightstock has been one of mutual partnership, not just work-for-hire.


Startups need to validate their ideas by getting real users as soon as possible. We worked with Lightstock to develop a Minimum Viable Product that met their vision of user needs. While the MVP is minimal in feature scope, it is always of full quality. Once we had determined the scope for launch, we went to work building the system to the highest possible standards.

User Experience

From initial concepts through development and launch, we kept focused on a core tenet of our ideology—simplicity. The Lightstock system is a stark contrast to the convoluted trickery that accompanies most stock photo website these days. At Lightstock each credit has a straightforward value of $1, and there are no complicated licensing or file size tricks confusing users.

With other UX tools like a single search box and hand-curated collections, the Lightstock site is dead-simple to use, increasing user engagement and sales.


Our team worked with Lightstock to take their vision from idea to reality on time and on budget. Scalable architecture keeps the site responsive under the load of tens of thousands of photos being uploaded, searched for, and purchased. The result is the best stock photography service on the planet.