The Forge builds great apps.

You know people who need great apps.

We want to stay focused on what we do best, and make sure you receive a fair piece of the value created when we work with your contacts to build apps that improve the world.

We need you to make the connection.

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The Deal

When you bring a potential client to us, we'll sign an agreement ensuring your compensation for making the connection and any resulting collaboration. Talk to us about how much you'd like to be involved, and whether you're just making an introduction or planning to bring value to the collaboration on an on-going basis. We'll negotiate an agreement between us that is fair and mutually beneficial. After that is in place, we will contract directly with the client.

Email us to start the conversation.

We'll take things as slowly as you'd like. Trust has to be earned.

No Subcontracting

Our process is based on maximizing transparency. Accordingly, we're not interested in white-labeled subcontracting for you. We're never going to steal your clients, and firmly believe that a win-win agreement is possible when everyone is honest about their capabilities. If we don't have the skills in-house to meet the challenge, we won't hide that fact while scrambling to outsource the work, and neither should you.

Clients respect honesty and transparency, and projects work best with everything in the open.