At the Forge, we don't have sales staff. We don't have project managers. When you work with us, you'll be working directly with the people who make things. We spend every day doing what we love: solving problems and building fantastic apps through a transparent process.

We've chosen to specialize in the things we're great at, and for everything else we'll put you in direct contact with trusted friends who have mastered different skills. Life's too short to pretend we can do more than we can, and we will never misrepresent our capabilities. We're masters at designing and building great user experiences in iOS apps (iPad/iPhone) and web apps (Rails, Javascript). Within those areas we will be as involved as you need us, doing everything from developer training and design consultations through fully managed development.

Collaboration is in our DNA, and we've worked successfully with designers, ad agencies, production companies, auto manufacturers, internet startups, government agencies and more.

Great software comes through collaboration and partnership, so when you decide to work with us, plan to be an integral part of the process. We know apps and will be your partners through every step until your goals are met.

Do you know someone who needs a great app?

Let's work together.


Forge Apps' founders have been working together for more than a decade. Their blend of complementary skills are the core magic that makes our work possible. They are craftsmen who continually strive to improve in every area, leading our incredible team as we build great apps.

Kirk van Gorkom has been programming computers since childhood. He spent years developing large-scale enterprise systems for government clients including the Department of Defense, the USDA, and a variety of cities and counties. In 2009, he founded Forge Apps as his focus shifted to web and iOS applications for startups and consumers. Kirk's passion is building great applications that delight users by being beautiful and functional at all levels from backend code to the smallest interface detail.

He shares his passions with other developers as a national speaker on user experience design and other subjects. This video of a presentation captures much of the philosophy that drives how all of us at the Forge work.

Session_audience Session_kirk

Jeff McFadden is a code poet. His irrepressible need to express himself through programming results in an intense focus and massive output of code. From open source projects to client apps, he never stops delivering fantastic software.